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As your company grows, there might come a time when your present office space is no longer adequate for your company wants and the ideal solution may be to move. Hiring professional movers is critical when you need to move your place of work. You want people with experience and training to handle your sensitive office equipment.

Company Data Protection

A general moving company might cater their service for a very cheap price, but when it comes to business moves, you want the best you can get. You want people that can help make sure your office computers, servers and printers get packed properly to avoid damage to the hardware. Office documents need to be passed along through a proper chain of custody to ensure privacy for your sensitive business data.

3 Reasons To Hire Commercial Movers

There are several more reasons for hiring a commercial moving company near you, if you are relocating an office. Apart from the obvious, here are a few:

  • 1. Professional Service - Even a small office has sensitive materials and equipment that need special packing for transportation. Using the professional services of an office moving company will ensure your items are packed properly to guarantee safety during transport.
  • 2. Reduced Workload - Most commercial moving companies provide full packing and loading as part of their service. This saves you and your staff a lot of time that you could use to plan your new office space.
  • 3. Specialized Equipment - Your business equipment is valuable. Our guys have the right equipment to deal with any fixtures that need to be removed from your old building and transported to your new office.
Our packers can have your entire office ready to go in no time, and our drivers will ensure your belongings arrive to your new business address safely and without damage. We provide free quotes from Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Professional Corporate/Office Movers that may just save you up to 45% on your corporate/office move!

Commercial Moving Tips:

  • Flammables. All items that are flammable or explosive must be transported¬† by the customer and cannot be placed in the moving van. Some examples are: aerosol, cans, propane tanks, thinners, gasoline, etc.

  • Labeling. Everything should be labeled, no matter how small or inconsequential. When a desk has a removable return, both pieces must be tagged.

  • Tagging. Bundles of computer cables, floor mats, white boards and black boards, trash cans, typewriters, individual computer components and peripherals, etc. must all be individually tagged.

    Tag items in locations that are easy for the mover to spot. Examples;Chairs on the back rest. Desks, tables and credenzas on the top of work surfaces. Bookcases on the top. Storage cabinets and file cabinets on the front top. Boxes on the ends - not on top or bottom.

  • Filing Cabinets. Do NOT empty vertical (the narrow type) file cabinets - these will be moved full. Empty all lateral (the wide type) file cabinets.

  • Electrical Connections. Make sure all mechanical and electrical equipment has been disconnected before the time of the move.

  • Personnel. Do NOT have a lot of extra personnel at your facilities on moving day. They will only get in the way of the movers. Your staff can do a lot to help at the new office setting things in place.
  • Building Access. Arrange to provide the movers with clear, direct and exclusive access to entrances, work areas and any required elevators at the origin and destination facilities.

Commercial Moving Costs

Moving an office may be tedious and take a little time to plan and execute the move, but it doesn't need to be expensive. The cost of the move is easily mitigated by the time and effort you save, trying to accomplish such an undertaking on your own. We offer commercial moving services to both large and small businesses of all varieties. If you need expert commercial moving services contact us today for your free estimate.

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